I was born in Normandy, France.  After high school I was an apprentice baker for 3 year. I am a graduate of CFA of Blois (center de formation pour adult). After that, I worked 3 and half years around France including 18 months in Paris. I set out on an 20-month trip around the world. I immigrated to the U.S. in 1996 and I lived in Memphis for 4 years. After living in Oregon and Nebraska for 3 years, I returned to Memphis.






Cameras I use


 I shoot with so-called "medium format" cameras, and Large format (4x5).  I used to shoot with a 35mm system. Although technically excellent, this system didn't fit my style of photography.   Medium format is not quite as large as "large format". Large format allows for huge enlargements, but it is a pain in the neck to shoot is why I love it.

Processing the film

A local pro lab processes my films and I get back long strips of color transparencies, which I have to cut myself. Then I evaluate my transparencies with a high quality loupe on the light box and I select the "keepers".


My photographs are in these publications