I offer workshops to anywhere in North America, Australia, France or New

Zealand at any time during the year. Each workshop can accommodate from one

to six people. Would you like to discover remote and unique locations in the American Southwest?

My experience and knowledge can take you there.

Would you like to visit France and come back with the memories of a lifetime?

can show you cities and villages in scenic landscapes, guide you to

restaurants with wonderful food and wine, the pride of France. Your visit can

include the chateaux of the wine makers of Bordeaux, Cognac, Bourgogne, Alsace

and the charming region of the Loire valley. If you want to combine travel,

photography, food and wine with a real French experience, do it with a French

professional photographer who is also a master chef.

I have also spent considerable time in Australia and New Zealand, and have an

extensive knowledge of the two countries.


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